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Our Story & Vision

OpenField was launched in 2011 with the goal of making measurement systems based on microchip technology work in the harsh downhole conditions of the Oil & Gas industry. As world demand rises, the energy sector is pushing exploration into unknown territories, requiring faster and more accurate measurements as alternative energy markets develop similar needs for harsh environment monitoring. It was during his 20 year career with O&G world leaders that Eric Donzier realized the great potential of miniaturization to make this continued exploration safer and more productive.
OpenField has become an innovative actor in the instrumentation of harsh environments through continued research and development in micro sensing technology. Our goal is to improve efficiency, reliability, ease of use, and the accessibility of sensing technologies for harsh conditions at the bottom of wells and in emerging energy markets.

donzier Eric Donzier
Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO Eric Donzier launched OpenField Technology in 2011 following 20 years as a results-driven technology leader in the energy sector. Seeing the Oil&Gas industry’s need for innovative technology, Eric launched OpenField with a vision of making the latest developments in micro sensing technology work in the harsh downhole conditions of oil and gas wells. Prior to launching OpenField, Eric successfully held executive research and management positions in France, the UK and the United States with Thales and Schlumberger. In 2004 Eric launched MEMSchlumberger, an independant research and development subsidiary of the market leader Schlumberger and directed the venture until his move to OpenField in 2011. His career has been characterized by innovative product development and boasts numerous microsensing technology patents to date.
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emmanuel-picot Emmanuel Picot
CEO of Evolis
Board Member
Emmanuel Picot joined the OpenField team as an advisor and an associate, bringing his vast expertise in international sales and business. Since he graduated with an engineering degree in robotics, Emmanuel has worked in graphic arts, commercial sales and helped build three international businesses into the successes they are today. In 2001, Emmanuel created Évolis with four collaborators, and in their twelve years of activity, Évolis has become a world leader in their sector with offices in the United States and Singapore, and representation in Shanghai, China. Emmanuel Picot is currently the President and General Director of Évolis, with a 56.2 million euro turnover in 2013.
tavernier Emmanuel Tavernier
R&D Manager
Board Member
With OpenField since its founding in 2011, Emmanuel Tavernier is the Director of Research & Development, in charge of the conception and production of innovative micro sensing technology. Five years out of his doctoral program, Emmanuel has already developed an impressive research résumé including numerous patents and publications. Having completed degrees in France and Singapore in Electrical Engineering, Micro Systems, and the Sciences, Emmanuel’s main task at OpenField is focused on system development, integration and qualification.
la Linda Abbassi
Program Manager
Board Member
Linda Abbassi joined OpenField in 2011 as an R&D engineer and became a partner in 2012. She has worked as a program manager on various sensor developments for E&P applications such as flow assurance and production logging. Prior to joining OpenField she worked at Schlumberger in France and the UK. She holds a master of science in physics from ESPCI Paristech and an engineering degree in instrumentation.
DEMETER 8368 Benjamin Wainstain
Investment Director at Demeter Partners
Board Member
Benjamin Wainstain leads the 45M€ seed investment fund at Demeter Partners, a leading European cleantech-focused private equity firm, which he joined in early 2012. He has been working in early-stage venture capital since 2007 and serves as Director for several companies including I-TEN, OpenField, NawaTechnologies, Qualisteo, Ideol, Cogebio and Microphyt. Prior to joining the venture capital community, Benjamin has spent several years as a management consultant at BearingPoint where he advised large corporations in their organization and business strategies. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, holds a MSc in Environmental technologies from ENGREF, Paris, and a MSc in bioinformatics from Marseille University.
CHRYSALIX Christophe Tonion
CFO of Total Energy Ventures
Board Member
Christophe Tonion is a senior investment manager and the CFO of Total Energy Ventures, the Corporate Venture arm of Total, the fifth largest International Oil Company. He started his career in E&P with Schlumberger Dowell in 1999 and joined Total in 2001, where he held various positions in Oil and Gas operations and projects. He also served as a senior Corporate Auditor before joining Total Energy Ventures in 2010. Christophe brings to OpenField his broad knowledge of Oil & Gas markets, as well as his large network within Total and venture investors.